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Does Xbrow contain hormones?

Our products do not contain hormones.
One of our active ingredients, Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide (0.0015%),
is a prostaglandin analogue.

This ingredient is registered in the EU database for cosmetic ingredients (CosIng) and is approved for use in cosmetics. Its function is to condition the hair. We use it as a conditioning agent to support the natural growth of lashes.

Prostaglandins and their analogues are not hormones. They are natural lipids found in almost every tissue in the human body. They have a short half-life and in cosmetics, it works locally to condition hair where the product is applied before it is inactivated and excreted by the body.

The body has several tissues that can create prostaglandins. Unlike hormones, which are released by a gland and transported through the body in the bloodstream, they are produced in the area of ​​the body where they are needed. In other words, they act as messengers but do not move to other places.

It is often referred to that prostaglandins have hormone-like effects, which can be misunderstood when it comes to real hormones. Prostaglandins create reactions in the body, only when they are present. In our formula, this also means that the active ingredient only acts locally, and on the area where the product has been used and supports hair growth.

All ingredients used in Xlash have been approved by EU law for use in a cosmetic product. Their safety in the formula has been tested and confirmed.

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