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Is eyelash serum the same as eyelash growth serum?

"Eyelash serum” and “eyelash growth serum” are often considered synonyms to each other even though there might, of course, be a different type of formulas with different effects available on the market.

Some formulas focus on nourishing the lashes with, for example, castor oil or other ingredients. These products can condition weak and damaged lashes, for instance, after the removal of lash extensions. Usually, these formulas are applied to lashes in the same manner as mascara is. These formulas might not necessarily support the actual lash growth and are only nourishing the eyelashes.

We have developed our conditioning formula to support the natural growth of the eyelashes. To achieve this impact, the product needs to be applied to the upper lash line.

In our studies, 96,67 % of the users reported that their lashes were longer after 12 weeks of using Xlash. 73,33 % of them noticed the difference after only four weeks.*

*30 women, aged 20–56, self-evaluation. Supported by apparatus test on selected candidates.

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