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Can Xlash change the color of the eye?

In our safety tests where the product has been used as it is intended to be used, we have not seen any signs that it would impact the color of the eye.

These kinds of unwanted side effects have mostly been noticed for a small group of users in studies where a medicinal product containing medically used prostaglandin analogue in high enough concentrations is used directly in contact with the eye repeatedly.

In several studies where the safety of eyelash serums has been studied, the safety-profile of prostaglandin analogues has in general been considered good when they are topically applied only to the base of upper lashes.

Xlash is a cosmetic product, and all its ingredients have been accepted by EU legislation to be safely used in a cosmetic product. XLASH should always be used only to the outer lash line where it only gets in contact with the skin of the eyelid and the bottom of the eyelashes.

In case the product gets in contact with the eye, it’s always recommended as a safety precaution to wash it off with clean water to avoid any kind of unpredictable and undesired impact and eye irritation

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