• Are the results permanent?

    Xlash and Xbrow are cosmetic products, and their conditioning effect impacts the hairs only when they are used. If you stop using them, your eyelashes/eyebrows will gradually return to their previous appearance. When the eyelashes/eyebrows are gro... Continue Reading

  • Can I use Xbrow after microblading my eyebrows?

    Xbrow has no effect on the color / tattoo and will not fade the result.However, it is important that you follow the guidelines after microblading, such as not applying eyebrow products until the tattoo has completely healed. Continue Reading

  • Can I use Xbrow on my eyelashes?

    Xbrow should not be used on eyelashes. It has only been created to condition eyebrows and should only be used for that purpose. There is also a greater risk that the product gets into the eye when the applicator is not designed optimally for the p... Continue Reading

  • Are Xlash and Xbrow vegan?

    Yes. Our formulas are 100% suitable for vegans. They do not contain any animal-based or animal-derived ingredients.Xlash and Xbrow are developed and manufactured in the EU (Sweden and Spain), where all animal testing of a cosmetic product or its i... Continue Reading

  • Are Xlash and Xbrow cruelty-free?

    Yes. EU has a total ban on animal testing when it comes to cosmetics. None of the products (or their ingredients) that are placed into the EU market are allowed to be tested on animals.Xlash does not test its ingredients or its product on an... Continue Reading

  • Does Xbrow contain hormones?

    Our products do not contain hormones. One of our active ingredients, Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide (0.0015%), is a prostaglandin analogue. This ingredient is registered in the EU database for cosmetic ingredients (CosIng) and ... Continue Reading

  • Can children use Xbrow?

    As our tests have only been performed on adults, we recommend as a precaution that children do not use Xlash or Xbrow. Continue Reading

  • Does Xlash or Xbrow contain prostaglandin analogue?​

    Yes, Xlash and Xbrow contain an active ingredient called Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide (DDDE) (0.0014%), which is a type of prostaglandin analogue. Like all of our products, our serum formulas comply with EU cosmetic legislati... Continue Reading

  • How does Xbrow work?

    Xbrow helps promote fuller eyebrows in three ways: 1. Strengthening ingredients help strengthen thin eyebrows (hydrolyzed wheat protein and provitamin B5) 2. Active ingredients support your natural growth of the eyebrows to help sparse or over-plu... Continue Reading

  • What is Xbrow?

    Xbrow Eyebrow Serum reshapes uneven, sparse, over-plucked and weak eyebrows, which means that your eyebrows are helped to reach their full potential and thickness. The combination of strengthening and moisturizing ingredients supports their natura... Continue Reading