• Can I combine a lip plumper with other lip products?

    Absolutely, we recommend that you use Xlips Lip Plumper on dry and clean lips for the best effect. Xlips Lip Plumper has a light consistency that makes it easy to apply other products on top without it feeling sticky. Continue Reading

  • What is a lip plumper?

    Lip plumpers come in several different variants and can be similar to a lip gloss, lip balm or lip serum in consistency. The lip plumper stimulates blood circulation in the lips, which gives them a fuller effect within a few minutes. If you want p... Continue Reading

  • When can I see the results of Xlips Lip Plump Serum?

    Our Xlips Lip Plump Serum contains active ingredients that both moisturize and increase blood circulation in the lips, which gives a plumping effect. The temporary effect comes within 15 minutes after application and lasts for several hours. Continue Reading