• Lavender

      Lavender is more than just a pretty flower. It's popular for it's calming fragrance but is also a low key skincare powerhouse! This purple gem is bursting with positive vibes for your compl... Continue Reading


  • AHA

      AHA, aka alpha hydroxy acid, comes from plants (vegan!) and milk. Here's the twist: 99% of the AHAs found in skin care products are specially crafted in labs, bringing you the very best in s... Continue Reading


  • Rosemary

      This herb is a kitchen staple but did you know that it can do wonders in your beauty bag? Rosemary has the amazing ability to improve blood circulation and stimulate the hair follicles, boo... Continue Reading

CICA (Centella asiatica)

  • CICA (Centella asiatica)

        Centella Asiatica, or CICA, is a plant primarily grown in Southeast Asia. Although it’s been used in natural medicines for hundreds of years, it’s recently popped up on more than one beau... Continue Reading

Apricot oil

  • Apricot oil

      A fruity oil that fights inflammation. Apricot oil is a cold-pressed oil extracted from the kernel of the yummy Prunus Armeniaca fruit. When used in skincare it can support the skin barr... Continue Reading


  • Caffeine

      Works just as well in skincare as it does in your morning cup! Caffeine is a natural stimulant commonly found in coffee, tea and cacao plants. When concentrated as an oil and added to sk... Continue Reading

Camellia leaf extract

  • Camellia leaf extract

      There’s a good chance you’ve sipped this before. Camellia leaf extract is actually the refined extract from common tea leaves! When Camellia leaf is pressed and processed into a skincare oi... Continue Reading

Vegan Squalene

  • Vegan squalane

      Squalene is a liquid that’s naturally found in plants and animals. It’s actually one of the many natural lipids (or fatty substances) your body produces to hydrate and protect the skin. ... Continue Reading


  • Peptides

      These short chains of amino acids are one of the most-loved ingredients in anti-ageing skincare. They act as building blocks for important proteins found in the skin like collagen, elastin a... Continue Reading


  • Retinol

      This ingredient is a form of Vitamin A that promotes skin renewal and enhances collagen production--which starts declining as we age. Adding Retinol into your routine can help soften the ap... Continue Reading


  • Niacinamide

      This trendy ingredient - also called Vitamin B3 - is easy to introduce into your skincare routine as it suits all ages and skin types and doesn't need to be gradually introduced (like some aci... Continue Reading


  • Bakuchiol

      Bakuchiol is a vegan ingredient derived from the Psoralea corylifolia plant. This soothing antioxidant is often referred to as a plant-based alternative to Retinol & has many youth-boosting... Continue Reading

Hyaluronic acid

  • Hyaluronic acid

      Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that naturally exists in your skin but it reduces as we start to age. Applying it topically can help restore your skin back to its dewy, hydrated self. Don’... Continue Reading

Biotin Peptide

  • Biotin Peptide

      This is a combination of Biotin (a.k.a. Vitamin B7), which is famous for strengthening the hair, and Peptide, which is naturally occurring in your skin. Peptide help maintain youthful and h... Continue Reading

Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C

      Ever heard of Vitamin C? This superstar antioxidant is found naturally in fruits & vegetables. Adding this active ingredient into your skincare routine can add major benefits. Vitamin C ... Continue Reading